Live Video from the Relief Effort

Akira and his team of volunteers are now on Katsura Island cooking as we write this. The video below shows the team taking delivery of food and supplies form all over Japan and loading it on the skiff.

Many prefectures in Japan have been graciously donating food and the volunteers have been collecting utensils, pots and pans. When I see this video, I realize just how much bigger this whole mission has become than any one individual. World Cup skiers, from Alpine to cross country, skier cross to biathlon, organizers, Japanese farmers, administrators, bookkeepers, and most of all donors like you…

All have come together to put some smiles on people’s faces. This time around, it may be “only” 2 days worth of food, but there will be more such days and every little bit counts.

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Thank you for all your help, prayers and thoughts.

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