Our Mission

There is no measuring the breadth and depth of human suffering in Japan right now. There are so many areas affected by the March, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami, as well as the resulting radioactive contamination from Fukushima Daiichi and power shortages all over the country.

Tohoku — a popular Japanese ski area that hosted the World Championships in 1993 in Shizukuishi Morioka — is one of the areas suffering the most. Akira Sasaki grew up skiing there as a little boy and many of his friends are skiers and love to watch World Cup Skiing.

It is our mission as skiers — whether World Cup athletes or recreational –  to send them our courage and positive energy. This in turn will encourage the victims in this area as well as the rest of the country that is supporting them through this disaster in a recovery process that will take a long time.

Any money raised by us, the World Cup family and fans of World Cup Skiing, will be a great inspiration  for skiers in Tohoku and the rest of Japan who are suffering at the moment.

Our sense of helplessness and despair must lead way to ACTION — however small:

  • plant a flower;
  • meditate on or pray for victims in Japan;
  • tell someone you love them;
  • write your politician about your views on energy production methods;
  • give and donate…

… are all ways in which we can get in to action and be a force for good in this world.

This website and this mission, is an example of our expression of ACTION.

World Cup Skiers from Japan including Akira Sasaki and Kazuko Ikeda Boeker, as well as Olympic champions and World Cup competitors like Julia Mancuso and Chemmy Alcott are at the heart of this mission and all ask the ski community to come together and ACT.

Several World Cup Finals skiers have already pledged to donate portions of their prize money to our mission. All monies raised will be collected in a Paypal fund and distributed to specific causes, areas, and programs selected by Akira Sasaki.

Your positive energy and financial support will help Japan recover and return to health and prosperity.














佐々木明選手や池田和子さん、そしてオリンピックチャンピオンでありワールドカップスキー選手のジュリア モンクーゾやシャミー アルコット選手は、このミッションを深く受け止め、スキー関係者にこの活動を共にできるように働きかけています。






  1. Mari Kamagata says:

    Thank you for your your support!

  2. Andrea Fuzzi says:

    GO US!!!
    please enjoy Your run,dance like a bee and bring us some relief

  3. Julia Lorber says:

    That’s a great thing to do, guys!! Thank you for giving others the possibility to help as well, now I’m feeling a little less helpless!
    I’m proud of y’all!
    Love, julie

  4. Peter says:

    Great ! I hope it will reach to those who need it most.

  5. Cress Bohnn says:

    Thanks to all of you that helped pull together this relief option! Wish I could do more.

  6. Mai S. says:

    Please Do Know that you all are already encouraging lots lots lots of people who couldn’t enjoy skiing because of disease or personal matters, including me; they cannot have chances to be back to skiing still now and I think we’re facing the reality in Japan, a small country. But we, people who love skiing, snow and Japan, do know your thoughtful actions are great contagious and WILL bear a lot of fruits which move so many people in more ways than one, even me as a small person facing my own disease. Lots of A Small Will be A Huge. Thank you all, we’re with you too!

  7. eiji minagawa '79 says:

    Racers from Burke Mountain Academy will carry a sign that says “Ganbarou Tohoku / Gangarou Nippon” during their annual “Green Mountain Run”, fund raising event.

    They acted very quick after the earthquake and donated through the Red Cross for the occasion. Now, they will send us Cheers this time, as they relay-run the entire length, South to North through Vermont from Massachusetts boarder to Canadian Boarder, carrying the message somewhere on their T-shirts. They share the same spirit with us, and they are with us each step they make towards the goal.

    You can meet them and cheer them up also this weekend, May 22-23.

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